Mister James Cagney


When I take out and look at
The picture in the picture
I see an old man
In his pajamas and bath robe
With what may or may not be
A smile on his face
And I wonder what
Or who is he looking at
He is sitting in a
Cushioned easy chair
Leaning to one side of it
As if to make room for
One of the two younger men
Kneeling on either side of him
Now they are dressed in their day clothes
And both of them are smiling
And both of them are looking back at me
And I get the impression
These two younger guys
Just helped the old man
Walk to and get settled in
His cushioned easy chair
Then I go back to
Looking at the old man
And wonder when white hair
Replaced his curly red locks
Flawlessly combed back
Under his trimmed hat
And I want to know
Where those pajamas came from
And what he did with his
Pressed evening suit
And those white spats that
Carried his signature swagger
As he strutted his way
Into my young heart
And I am sitting here
As I sometimes do
Looking at
The picture in the picture
Wondering exactly when
He stopped strutting
Sat down
And got so old

This is the picture in the picture. It is a newspaper clipping of Carroll O'Connor, James Cagney, and Mike Douglas from when Mr. Cagney was on the Mike Douglas show in the 1970s.

Carroll O'Connor, James Cagney, Mike Douglas

And this is my autographed picture of James Cagney!

My autographed picture of James Cagney
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